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Earl Watson Rumors

As is always the case ahead of the NBA draft and free agency, the rumour mill has been churning, including with some unverified talk that Toronto has been looking to move Siakam. Maybe we’re reaching here and in four days this will look like a wild take, but bringing in Watson doesn’t seem like an addition a team looking to deal Siakam would make.
Booker, not knowing Spanish, wasn’t as comfortable sharing that side of himself until Watson encouraged him to. And once he did, Ochoa noticed Booker became more comfortable discussing it publicly, like he did when the Suns played in Mexico City in January 2017. “Maybe it’s my Mexican roots,” Booker said with a smile when he was asked how he was able to put up 39 points in back-to-back games there. “Booker has this charisma that people connect with,” Ochoa said. “I don’t know if it’s because he has Mexican blood, but he has a special charisma that translates without any words being exchanged and translates in his game because he always plays passionately. And he’s been loyal. … So he’s won the people of Phoenix over, especially the Latino community.”

Devin Booker credits his former coach Earl Watson for his confidence in him

Booker has blossomed into one of the league’s great young stars and he credits Watson, who would eventually become his head coach, for instilling confidence and a belief he values to this day. “[Earl means] everything,” Booker said on Wednesday after practice. “I credit Earl [for] a lot. He was one of the early ones in the NBA industry to believe in me to that extent. I think it started with him being my player development [coach] before he was the head coach. So he watched the work that he put in with me. He was on the court with me, sweating with me, putting in the work with me and just coincidentally happened that he ended up being the head coach.”
In 2015, Earl Watson was in his first season with the Phoenix Suns as the new player development coach under then-head coach Jeff Hornacek. He was quickly assigned to work with the team’s No. 13 pick in the draft that year, Devin Booker. Watson didn’t know much about Booker, so he did his research. “I couldn’t believe it. His dad is Melvin Booker. I am from Kansas City and Melvin played at Missouri. I was the biggest fan of his pops when I was in high school,” Watson told Yahoo Sports. “So when I met Devin, I was just talking about his dad and just fanboying.”