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Earl Watson Rumors

The Warriors took control in the fourth quarter and cemented a 106-100 win, dropping the Suns to 0-3. After the loss, Suns majority owner Robert Sarver entered the coaches locker room, Watson told ESPN. “You know, why does Draymond Green get to run up the court and say [N-word],” Sarver, who is white, allegedly said, repeating the N-word several times in a row. “You can’t say that,” Watson, who is Black and Hispanic, told Sarver. “Why?” Sarver replied. “Draymond Green says [N-word].” “You can’t f—ing say that,” Watson said again.
Storyline: Phoenix Suns Turmoil?
Sarver denied Watson’s characterization of the incident: “This is absolutely untrue. I remember the game and topic clearly. I of course never used the word myself. During this conversation, I said ‘N-word’ without saying the full word. The word itself never crossed my lips. “Let me be crystal clear: I never once suggested on that night (or ever) that I should be able to say the N-word because a player or a Black person uses it.” The player, through his agent, told ESPN that he thinks using the N-word might have contributed to the technical foul but does not recall speaking to Sarver that night. Watson told ESPN there was no player in the room when Sarver made the comment.
Watson said he explained to Sarver the optics of a white owner asking a Black coach to fire an agency led by a Black agent, Paul. “Yeah, I understand what race you two are,” Sarver replied, according to Watson. “So I’m asking you, How bad do you want your job?” Watson said he told Sarver that he wasn’t going to fire Klutch. “You can do whatever you want,” Watson said he told Sarver. “You own this team, but my culture is not for sale. And I’m not for sale.”
In Watson’s first year leading the bench in Phoenix, Sarver asked about the state of the organization and where Watson thought it could improve. Watson told Sarver that it suffered from a lack of diversity. “I don’t like diversity,” Sarver replied, according to Watson and a basketball operations staffer with knowledge of the interaction.
As is always the case ahead of the NBA draft and free agency, the rumour mill has been churning, including with some unverified talk that Toronto has been looking to move Siakam. Maybe we’re reaching here and in four days this will look like a wild take, but bringing in Watson doesn’t seem like an addition a team looking to deal Siakam would make.