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Ed Pinckney Rumors

One name to watch, however, is Rio Grande Valley Vipers head coach Mahmoud Abdelfattah. Sources told The Athletic that he is considered a strong candidate for one of the open assistant jobs. Abdelfattah is coming off a G League Finals win and has great relationships with Silas and the organization. Thursday’s scene at Wintrust Arena featured Chuck Hayes, Silas, Abdelfattah and Ed Pinckney watching scrimmages, with general manager Rafael Stone and assistant GM Eli Witus making the rounds. Abdelfattah has been with the franchise dating back to the days of Mike D’Antoni and is highly respected by members of the Rockets and Vipers. “There’s great communication between me and the coaching staff up in Houston, between me and the front office,” he told me last month. “And they provide as much support as we need in order to be successful.”

Knicks adding Ed Pinckney to coaching staff?

As Tom Thibodeau and the Knicks front office go over names for the new coaching staff in the coming days, one blast from Thibodeau’s past – and New York’s past – will come up. According to an NBA source, Ed Pinckney, the former Villanova star who won an NCAA title and is a product of the South Bronx projects, is expected to be strongly considered.
That’s why coming to Minnesota was not just a preference for him, but perhaps a necessity. Familiar faces abound, from coaches Tom Thibodeau, Andy Greer, Ed Pinckney and Rick Brunson to teammates Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson. If it doesn’t work here, it will be hard for him to find a more comfortable environment. “I wanted to go somewhere I was familiar with coach,” Rose said last week. “Being here was the perfect position and situation where we have a young team. I believe they don’t know how good they are. I believe the city don’t know how good the team is. We can bring that excitement not only to the team, but to the city. It’s the perfect situation.”
Storyline: Rose-Thibodeau Dynamic