Elgin Baylor Rumors

In 1959, a West Virginia hotel and local restaurants refused to serve Baylor and his African American teammates. As a way of protest, Baylor decided to boycott the game on Jan. 16, 1959, in Charleston, West Virginia. “He was a rookie NBA player, and, in those days, the NBA only had eight teams. It was fascinating to imagine the kind of travel and lives that they had, and they didn’t have a really big fan base. But Elgin was really the star of the team [Minneapolis Lakers], but he was turned away at the hotel when they got to West Virginia. That was enough. He said, ‘They can’t just let me out of a cage like an animal to play the game and not treat me like a human being the rest of the time,’” said Bryant.
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Nevertheless, if we look at just top statistical postseason tandems for any two teammates and not just those who won championships, James and Davis still rank at No. 9 overall, behind two different versions of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor (from 1961-62 and 1960-61) and four duos that featured Wilt Chamberlain when he was at his absolute peak, plus the aforementioned Shaq and Kobe and Kareem and Magic partnerships. In fairness to the old-school duos, particularly to the ones led by Bill Russell and Chamberlain after him, the NBA didn’t start recording blocks or steals until 1973-74, so they could have ranked even higher if not for that.
Davis’ 34 points put him in the company of all-time Lakers greats like Shaquille O’Neal, George Mikan and Elgin Baylor for most points in a finals debut, further entrenching Davis with the tradition-rich franchise. “To be in that category is definitely a huge honor for me,” Davis said. “What makes it even more sweeter is winning it. And so obviously that’s a great honor, but I also want to be mentioned in categories with champions. So that’s the next step.”