Elston Turner Rumors

D’Antoni is known for allowing his lead assistant to have great freedom to run his defense, including how much time he needs in meetings and practices. It is a role Turner has long held, including in his previous four seasons with the Rockets. With that, hiring Turner was not a leap of faith by the team. “Rick put me in charge of that area of the team,” Turner said. “He left me alone and let me do it. It empowered me. It allowed me to make mistakes. Management, they’ve seen my work before. You have to be conscious of the way the game has trended with the 3s, pace being picked up, defensive rules changes. Things have changed a little bit, but I’m up for the job. Happy to get it.”
Mark Berman: Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey today announced that Elston Turner has joined Mike D’Antoni’s staff as the lead assistant coach.  Turner has over two decades of coaching experience in the NBA, including four seasons with the Rockets on Rick Adelman’s staff from.. pic.twitter.com/jzrfR5kmCp