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Jared Weiss: Celtics injury report for tomorrow vs. Clippers: Jayson Tatum, Bruno Fernando, Enes Freedom, Aaron Nesmith & CJ Miles – H&S Protocols – OUT Marcus Smart – Right Hand Laceration – QUESTIONABLE Dennis Schröder, Josh Richardson & Justin Jackson return from protocol.
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Enes Freedom: Huge thanks to the REAL president of Venezuela @jguaido for your support and effort to #SaveVenezuela We need to hold these brutal Dictators like @NicolasMaduro accountable for their human rights abuses. Please join us to be the voice of all those innocent people in #Venezuela

The Swiss-born, Turkish-raised center landed in the United States as a hoops-playing high school student in 2009 and finally won his American citizenship last month. To commemorate the event, last month he legally changed his last name to “Freedom.” When teammates offered to celebrate with a big party, Freedom, 29, cautioned against anything too wild. “I said, ‘Listen, we have a game,’” he told The Post. “All I want from you guys is cupcakes — bring me some blue and red cupcakes. They brought cupcakes and for two days I ate so many that I was about to get sick. For breakfast and lunch, during meetings, that’s all I ate. One of my coaches said, ‘Dude, that is not what you want to eat before practice.’ I said, ‘I am celebrating my position.’ He said, ‘Okay. You’re cool.’”
“I remember a teammate posting something online against [then-President Barack Obama] and I got nervous for him,” he recalls of the high school incident in 2009. “I asked him, ‘Dude, what are you doing? They will put you in jail.’ He laughed hysterically and said I was confused. I was shocked that, within the next two days, the police did not come to his house and pressure him to say he was sorry or take away his family. If you did that in Turkey, you would be arrested for sure.”

Enes Freedom: 'Two gentlemen from the NBA begged me to take the shoes off'

“Before the game at Madison Square Garden, two gentlemen from the NBA begged me to take the shoes off,” said Kanter. “I was confused. I was getting ready for my citizenship test and I knew that the First Amendment is freedom of speech. Them telling me to take my shoes off went against my First Amendment rights. I said I would not take them off. I didn’t care if I got banned or fined. During halftime I received a text message from my manager: All the Celtics games were suddenly banned in China. It took one half of a Celtics game, with me wearing these shoes, on the bench, for the games to get banned.”
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