England Rumors

Deng reveals his love for Arsenal, though he admits he has a soft spot for Palace and harbours hope of one day owning the club. “We [Arsenal] just played Crystal Palace where [Olivier] Giroud scored that amazing scorpion-kick goal, but this is where it’s tough,” Deng admitted. “Because I grew up three minutes from the Crystal Palace stadium and when I was young on match day there was a hill where we could watch the Palace through a gap in the stadium.
“Since then I’ve been a huge Crystal Palace fan – Arsenal’s my number one team, Crystal Palace is my second! “I’m hoping they can stay up – I’ve always said that if I become a billionaire I’m buying Crystal Palace – it’s a dream of mine!” Deng then revealed who his favourite Gunners are, with admiration for Mesut Ozil’s point guard-like unselfishness to distribute the ball something he is particularly impressed by.