Eric Miller Rumors

While the NBA is attempting to push Sterling out as owner, it’s uncertain if his wife or any other family member could take over the franchise. National Basketball Players Association vice-president Roger Mason Jr., however, told Yahoo Sports that the players want completely new ownership and not a family member connected to Sterling. A source said that Shelly Sterling would like for her son-in-law, Eric Miller, the Clippers’ director of basketball administration, to take over the franchise. “We’re looking for a change in ownership. A complete change,” Mason said.
If Del Negro is let go, the Clippers’ job will probably be the most desirable on the market. There are several quality coaches available, led of course by Phil Jackson. While Clippers owner Donald Sterling has a contentious relationship with Jackson, one that sources say would probably keep Sterling from hiring him, Sterling’s son-in-law Eric Miller is said to be a fan of Jackson’s. Miller, the Clippers’ director of basketball administration, is viewed as Sterling’s likely successor in the franchise.