Eric Musselman Rumors

“I ask myself all the time, ‘How did this happen?’” Musselman said. “I was coaching in the NBA, and then I’m coaching the national team in Venezuela and the Dominican. I decide to make the move to college. I knew what I didn’t know, and if I didn’t go the assistant coaching route, I would fail. I didn’t know recruiting. I did not know that aspect of being a college coach. I am glad I had a really smart wife who basically told me, ‘Hey, you better learn and be ready, so when you do get a job, you can be successful.’”
Musselman, who never established much of a rapport with then-general manager Geoff Petrie, was fired after guiding a modestly talented club to a 33-49 record in 2006-07. With three additional years of salary guaranteed, he returned to the Bay Area and became a hoops version of the stay-at-home dad. Divorced, with shared custody of sons Matthew and Michael, he became a fixture at games, AAU tournaments, school functions, even the dreaded carpool lane. “I failed in Sacramento,” he said bluntly, “for a variety of reasons. That said, sitting out, after being let go, was the best thing to happen because I became a dad again. I always had horrible guilt for missing my kids’ games because I was coaching and traveling all the time. So I got that time back with my boys. I met my wife (Danyelle Sargent). Personally, it was the best three years of my life.”
Much of his success, he said, is attributed to his personal maturity, but also to his basketball pedigree, his NBA contacts, his minor-league experiences, the name recognition and his insatiable appetite for social media; he is a tweeting fool. (Metta World Peace and his son Ron Artest III reached out and plan an unofficial recruiting visit.) But just to prove that not everything has changed, that Musselman hasn’t completely lost his mind or his grip, he cites his intimate and ongoing involvement with the following: the shape and design of the logo on the new basketball floor at Lawlor Events Center; the introduction of an occasional charter team flight; the decor in the renovated locker rooms. Those eight jerseys the players select from? All eight samples hang on the wall in the locker room, including the one preferred by the players – black with white numbering.