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Erik Spoelstra Rumors

After playing a total of just 24 minutes in the Heat’s first 14 games of the season, Jovic, 19, entered Friday night’s matchup against the Washington Wizards at FTX Arena with 121 minutes played in the last five games because of Miami’s injury issues. He has made his first five NBA starts during that stretch. “Those are important, for sure,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said of the minutes Jovic has been called on to play recently. “He’s a young player, but he has some pro experience even though it’s a different league overseas. He picks up things quickly and he also has pride in what he does. He wants to do it right. He wants to be reliable for his team.”
“He has really good offensive instincts not only as a passer but as a screener, how to get into open spaces, how to execute different things and then his passing and his vision,” Spoelstra said. “As soon as he got here, that was probably his No. 1 strength — his ability to make other guys better. And he’s not afraid of the moment. So he’s comfortable out there, he’s earning the respect of everybody in the locker room and he’s earning his stripes right now.”
“At some point, hopefully we’ll be getting some guys back,” Erik Spoelstra said, with the Heat next to host the Washington Wizards on both Wednesday and Friday nights. “Even if they’re not fully 100 percent, even if they’re close enough, maybe they can give us a little bit of reinforcement, even if it’s just short minutes. That’s where we are right now.”
Erik Spoelstra did not directly say it was time for Jimmy Butler to return, for Tyler Herro to be back in uniform. Instead, he spoke in what came off as pointed generalities. “Just give us whatever you have,” he said. “Whatever you have, just give us. If you’re used to playing 30 minutes, just give us 15. If you’re used to playing 20 minutes, give us eight, so we can kind of manage things right now.”