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Italian team targeting Nicolo Melli

Olimpia Milano has made a great run this season in the EuroLeague, reaching the Final Four after a long hiatus and although the team fell in the semis to Barcelona in the final seconds, coach Ettore Messina keeps his eyes on the long-term project. The coach and his colleagues have had one addition in mind for a while and it seems as though the upcoming summer might be the one when a deal comes to fruition. According to Corriere della Sera, Messina would like to bring Nicolo Melli back to Europe and Italy. Milano is working on convincing Melli whose contract with the Dallas Mavericks expires later this summer.
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The Federation asked of Sachetti to change his assistants and, while reluctant, he had to oblige. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the Federation wants Ettore Messina as the next coach and the sides have a verbal agreement with the coach being able to refuse the position if his obligations in Olimpia Milano end up being too much to balance with.
Spotting the key variances in the day-to-day approach, Ettore Messina compared prominent squad members in the NBA to respective European stars. “The impact of those players is really important,” he said, “Coaches are evaluated on how they use the two or three players offensively, in the best possible way. It’s not the same to lose a game with your two superstars score 30 points or if they score 15. Europe is different, more like college in the USA. We have great players as well but the way the team performs is more important.”
The 48-minute NBA games compared to the 40-minute matches in Europe evolved to another main difference standing out for Messina. “People have no idea how different it is coaching a game in the NBA,” he claimed, “The 48 minutes in terms of rotation of the players and how many minutes a player can stay on the court is completely different. Also, in Europe, if you are down 15 in the middle of the third quarter, most likely the game is close to an end. In the NBA, if you are down 20 in the middle of the third quarter, you still have 18 minutes to play, which is almost half the game in Europe. So, there is still a chance.”
The discussion included many more differences, but Messina managed to reach a conclusion. “In the NBA, they do not break your balls like they do in Europe with the media and the social media, that is the bottom line,” he explained. “In the NBA, they do not face the same pressure,” he added, “They are not even close to the level of aggressiveness. That’s the same reason they go to the games and it’s more happy environment.”
Ettore Messina addresses the possibility of EuroLeague resuming its action for the 2019-20 season that has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, in a recent interview with Raisport. “Resuming is unlikely. In Italy, you can move by bus except when you have to play in Sassari or Brindisi. Maybe in a more normal situation, in two to three months. But it is something you can’t plan now. Thinking about 18 European teams flying from one country to another seems unlikely” Messina said as adapted by