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Guard Nick Calathes, a 6-foot-6 MVP candidate for EuroLeague power Panathinaikos of Athens, plans to rejoin the NBA as a free agent this summer, sources told ESPN. One of the EuroLeague’s finest playmaking guards, Calathes is expected to attract significant NBA interest as a backup point guard in July free agency. Calathes has hired James Dunleavy of ISE to serve as his agent, sources said.
2 months ago via ESPN
Storyline: Agent Changes
That unrelenting mindset powered Cook to G-League Rookie of the Year honors, but never bore a 10-day contract. Cook went to camp with the Pelicans in 2016, only to lose out on their final roster spot to the reincarnated Lance Stephenson. Another year in the G-League commenced, this time sparking a call-up with the Mavericks and two consecutive 10-day contracts back with New Orleans. A stable roster spot never emerged, although neither ever considered heading to Europe. “That never came into my head,” Cook says. “I knew I was an NBA player and that I just needed the right opportunity in the right situation.” “He turned down lucrative opportunities overseas to play in the G-League and work toward his NBA dream,” says Cooks’s agent, Jim Tanner.
Is the G League the best competition outside of the NBA? Brandon Jennings: I guess if you’re a young guy and you’re looking to go back into the NBA, it is. Europe is not bad either, though. The Europe game is different. But in terms of outside of the NBA, yes. It’s all NBA rules. It’s the NBA games. In China, they played 2-3 [zones] and box-and-1 [defense] on me. They had 7-foot-3 guys in the lane just standing there not moving. It was tough. It was different. I haven’t had someone play a box-and-1 on me since high school.