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Eva Turner Rumors

“Doug Collins lied to my face. Because he told me that I was going to be like Jesus Christ for the Sixers. And that’s why they took me out of the World Championship. The one coach who lied to me the most was Collins. He promised me something that later it wasn’t true. Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner played in Philadelphia, and I started playing when Iguodala was injured. But when he came back, everything changed. Andre did not want me in the team, because I hit him in practice, pushed him, irritated him. He was complaining about it, and instead of having my back, Collins pulled me out of the rotation. Then he lied to me again just before the playoffs. One day he comes and says ‘I’m going to rest Iguodala for a few games. I’ll give you those games so you are ready for the playoffs. Because this is a big thing, this is not for kids. Be ready’. I played well in the final two games of the regular season, averaging 15 points, and we started the playoffs against LeBron’s Miami, I had 10 minutes and never played again.”
After a few seasons in the NBA, Turner said the business of the sport doesn’t bother him anymore. “I’ll be somewhere,” Turner said with a smile. “If I got hit with [the trade talk] when I was 22, I would be more rattled than now when I’m going into my fourth year, understanding how things go and how to get better. You just focus on each day, and take it for what it’s worth. “For sure [I want to be here], but at the same time, if it’s not in the cards, you can’t force anything. Right now Mr. Hinkie is doing his thing, and he’s been hired to look out for the best interests of the organization. At the end of the day, you don’t take it personally, you take it for what it’s worth. I’m blessed to be playing in the NBA.”