Evelyn Lozada Rumors

We broke the story … Martin — a 12-year NBA vet — blasted “BB Wives” recently, saying the show was “toxic” and a total misrepresentation of the lives of married NBA players. But at LAX last night, Evelyn seemed to take offense to Martin’s criticism … telling TMZ, “I don’t think Kenyon knows what he’s talking about.” “As far as saying it’s toxic, that’s fine … don’t f**kin’ watch the show … it’s just as simple as that.”
Walker filed for bankruptcy last year, and now the bankruptcy trustee smells a rat. It seems Walker gave Lozada $560,000 when he already knew he was going belly up. The trustee has sued Lozada, claiming the transfer was fraudulent — an attempt to hide money from legitimate creditors. The trustee says Lozada used the money to start a Miami shoe store called Dulce, and now the trustee wants the $560k back.