Fans Rumors

This wasn’t apathetic Atlanta anymore. These were the passionate plains. The Thunder fans were still reeling from Durant choosing to leave Oklahoma City in 2016 to sign with Golden State as a free agent. Eventually, Schröder made the decision to switch to the Kyrie Low 2 to start this season. “I had to switch something because you know … the KDs … people don’t want to see them in here,” Schröder said. “I was like ‘OK, let me go back to Kyries.’ “It’s better now. I don’t have to hear nothing from the crowd like ‘Why do you have these VIs on, the KDs,’ so I was like ‘OK, let me fix it.’”
“Even Russ was giving me shit sometimes like ‘Why you wearing these?’” Schröder said of Russell Westbrook, his former Thunder teammate. “I used to wear them growing up, so I felt comfortable playing in them. I had PGs on some and tried to switch them, but last year I had KDs on a lot. “People were like ‘Why you gotta wear KDs?’ I was like ‘Bro, it’s just a shoe.’”
The brother of Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook was escorted out of Staples Center because of his role in a heated verbal confrontation with Los Angeles Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell and for “rushing the court” at the end of Friday night’s game, security officials told Yahoo Sports. “He rushed the court,” a security official told Yahoo Sports. “He was in clear violation”