Fans Rumors

Now, the petition is low-key kinda funny. Like, really? Those aren’t true Laker fans, like Snoop Dogg calling out Danny Green and then when we win feeling good. Like this man Danny Green has won three championships on three different teams, being a starting shooting guard. Are we kidding? Like come on, man, like I agree, he missed a shot. He struggled at certain times, but the man is a career 40 (percent shooter).”
As a whole, the NBA lost an estimated $694 million from 258 canceled regular-season games after the league shut down in mid-March because of the pandemic. The top five fan-revenue losers (including lost home games): Lakers — $52.7 million (10). Knicks — $45 million (8). Warriors — $42.5 million (7). Rockets — $35 million (9). Celtics — $31.5 million (9). The bottom five: Grizzlies — $10.4 million (8). Hornets — $11.7 million (10). Timberwolves — $11.7 million (9). Cavaliers — $11.8 million (5). Suns — $11.8 million (6). The average loss in fan-based incom
In about a week, the NBA will finish its resumed season at a quarantined campus during a pandemic that yielded zero announced infections among players, coaches and staff members. But commissioner Adam Silver faces another challenging goal in the coming weeks as the league determines what next season looks like while the nation continues to see a surge in positive cases. “I know that Adam is hoping we’re going to have fans,” said Tarek O. Souryal, the medical director at Texas Sports Medicine who previously worked as an NBA physician. “But right now, I think it’s too early to tell.”