Fashion Rumors

Obviously because I pay attention to all of this stuff really closely I know that you’re not even just for an athlete, just as a public person, you’re kind of at the forefront of fashion. I would imagine you get approached about a lot of things and you haven’t attached your name to much things. And so I’m very curious as to why you chose to attach yourself to this Temples and Bridges Sunglasses project? PJ Tucker: It’s funny, out of all the stuff I’ve done and all the talking about this situation you’re the first person to say that. As true as it is, it’s just as real I’ve never wanted to really, really put myself out there with one brand, or one situation because I’ve never been one to want to do my own thing, right? I’ve always been like a, I’m such a consumer, right? I love shopping, I love going to stores and being there for two hours and just going through racks, going through, you know what I mean? The way we hit it off, it just made sense. That’s the only way I can make it make sense. We hit it off.