Fashion Rumors

On other days, Adams will drop the sandals altogether. When he’s really feeling himself, he’ll walk around in public sans shoes. He’s sauntered out of his pickup truck barefoot at the team’s practice facility and strolled into the building with those massive size 19s flopping onto parking lot concrete at every step. He’s done the same while navigating team hotels or showing up to the team bus. He’ll wait until he has to work out to put on socks and shoes, because, to paraphrase a line from one of his former teammates, why not? “He’s f—— Fred Flintstone,” Andre Roberson said. “That’s a little bit far out there, but that’s Steve.”
Brown is working with another prominent African American designer to further his fashion pursuits. “Chris Bevins, he’s an MIT fellow, he helped me think through some of the thoughts that I had,” Brown said. “We got closer as we engaged in our MIT fellowship. He’s been helping me out, he has a line as well. And he also is a pillar in the fashion community.”