Filomena Tobias Rumors

Jupiter socialite Filomena Tobias – aka the Miami Heat’s middle finger lady – came out of her self-imposed silence before tonight’s Heat-Bulls playoff game! Through Anthony Barbuto, her lawyer, Tobias acknowledged that her flipping the bird at former University of Florida star and Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah was indeed ill-mannered – but she maintains she didn’t deserve the media dredging up her past, especially her third husband’s mysterious death. “Ms. Tobias has been a devoted Miami Heat fan for as long as she can remember, and like many other devoted fans, she unfortunately allowed her passion for the team to disregard proper fan etiquette. She is only human, and her emotions got the best of her,” Barbuto wrote after consulting with Tobias. “She offers her genuine apologies to anyone she has offended, and she requests that her privacy, as well as the privacy of her family, be respected at this time.”
It’s just been one of those days for Steve Mitchell, the USA TODAY Sports Images photographer who snapped the viral photo of Miami Heat fan Filomena Tobias giving Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah the finger. “I did not think it was going to be like this,” Mitchell told For The Win, when asked about all the attention his picture is getting.