Fines Rumors

Golden State has been upfront about building something for the future. If that’s true, it does make sense to use this to that end. The Warriors could fine him (and maybe did privately). They could suspend him, which they’ve done before. They could trade him, but if they didn’t do it before, it doesn’t make sense to do it from this position of weakness. If the Warriors are going to move on from a franchise legend, it should be because they have a better option in place and not as a form of chastisement.
Green’s late blow-up cost the Warriors in their loss to the Hornets on Saturday. Golden State coach Steve Kerr said Green “crossed the line” with his behavior and knows it. Teammates had Green’s back after they said he apologized, but the league may not be as understanding. Given Green’s history of on-court outbursts, it’s fair to wonder if the NBA could fine him. Green has been fined over $800,000 during his nine-year career, according to Spotrac.