Food Rumors

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum is known for his ankle-breaking crossovers and a smooth jumper on the court. Just like the state of Oregon is known for having a unique and rich soil that makes for a tasty pinot noir red wine. But now, McCollum is getting ready to release his very own signature pinot noir wine called Heritage 91 this fall through a partnership with Adelsheim Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon.
First experience drinking wine: “I didn’t like it the first time. I felt like it was bland. I’m a guy that enjoys lemonade. Part of the reason why I didn’t like it was because of my lack of wine experience. We weren’t really drinking great wine, so to speak. You come out here in Oregon and it’s so diverse. You have so many different types of grapes, you have so many different vineyards who provide pinot noir from different types of soil. We’re actually spoiled.” — CJ McCollum
Teammates have come and gone in McCollum’s seven years in Portland, but having wine together on the road has been so constant, CJ is the one most responsible for which bottles the team orders at dinner. “Typically I get the menu I get to pick it out,” McCollum said. “Coach Terry [Stotts] likes a lot of different cabs, so he orders the cabs, I order the different Oregon Pinots, then Geoff Clark, the head trainer, he orders a lot of different wines so we have a nice little system going.” And McCollum isn’t shy about trying to convince his teammates to get on his wine level. “It’s been cool to see how people have kind of evolved, [Damian Lillard] specifically he’s more of a white wine guy and I was like, ‘bro, you gotta stop drinking that stuff and move over to the red.’ Now he’s slowly started drinking red wine.”
Biyombo doesn’t want to squander the opportunity he’s earned. As an example, those who know him well speak to his diligence in the weight room and focus on nutrition. Adcock says the nine-year NBA veteran is always working on a diet of some kind. He often requests food substitutions or orders unlisted items at restaurants. “All he eats is plants. Plants and fruits,” his teammate Cody Zeller adds. “I’m like, How do you have enough energy to play in games. But he’s crazy strong.”
By switching to a plant-based diet, Chris Paul believed he had found a competitive advantage. “I almost don’t like to tell nobody about it, to be honest,” the Thunder guard said during the Partnership for a Healthier America summit on Tuesday. “It’s almost like my secret. But I’m just not built that way. I like to try to share that knowledge with other people because it also goes back to education.”
Matt Poley, co-owner of Heirloom L.A. along with his partner, Tara Maxey, introduced “The Last Dance Menu” at their catering business last week. The traditional Chicago dishes, named after prominent characters on those Chicago Bulls teams, coincide with the 10-part documentary and served as a creative way to drum up business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Storyline: Michael Jordan Documentary
“We got so many orders — almost 3,000 meals going out today. Maybe half of them have ‘The Last Dance’ menu stuff on it.” As the top dog throughout Chicago’s championship runs, the Jordan dish was an easy choice. “It’s undisputed that the Chicago hot dog is the greatest hot dog of all time,” Poley said. “So it’s undisputed that Michael Jordan should be the greatest hot dog of all time.”