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France Rumors

Fournier was invited to the show En Aparte on Canal +, where he didn’t mince words on how he felt about the EuroBasket’s outcome for France. “When you work so hard for that gold medal and you get the silver, or the bronze, I take it as an insult,” the captain of the French team said. “When I receive this medal, when I put it around my neck, it sends me straight back to failure. It’s hard and I want to get rid of it,” he added, before clarifying that his gesture “isn’t a sign of disrespect at all.”
Joel Embiid has received French citizenship and shall be eligible to potentially play for the national team in the 2023 World Cup. That’s also the hope of French national team manager Boris Diaw. β€œHe doesn’t have the FIBA license yet. But it would be nice if he could have this license and play for the France team,” Diaw, a former longtime said to RMC Sport. β€œWe know that he has become French so why not, we try to have as many good players as possible and then make a team that holds its own and plays well together.”