Frank Brickowski Rumors

As the calendar moves closer to the June 30 expiration of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, one thing is growing more clear. “There will definitely be a lockout,” says agent Steve Kauffman, who for years represented players but now has coaches as his clients. “The question is whether there will be (regular-season) games missed.” “A lockout is going to happen,” says Frank Brickowski, one of six regional representatives for the NBA Players Association. “After that, you draw a series of lines. “You draw a line at training camp. You draw a line at the start of the preseason. You draw a line at the start of the regular season. And at some point, the final line is, do we lose the season?”
With the NBA’s popularity strong in most of the major markets (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston) and the league’s television ratings for the playoffs up nearly one-third from a year ago, it seems a strange time for billionaires to quibble with millionaires over money. “Things are rolling,” says Brickowski, 51, who played 13 seasons with six teams during his NBA career. “No one wants to kill the golden goose. I mean, are they nuts?”