Frank Hamblen Rumors

Scottie Pippen: Just learned of Frank Hamblen’s passing and it’s tough to find the words. He was a great man, one of my favorites. Coach Hamblen’s game preparation was the best, it was so incredibly detailed. He was a pro at scouting our opponents. Frank was old school but smart enough to know he had to adapt to a new generation of players. He helped us immensely. Coach Hamblen was a great champion. His presence was truly felt and he made a huge impact on me. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Storyline: Frank Hamblen Death

“Frank Hamblen was a great coach and a good friend,” said Lakers Head Coach Luke Walton. “He was not only beloved by everyone in the Lakers organization but by those in the NBA community as well. Frank coached me as a rookie and in addition to all I learned from him on the court, he also emphasized how important it was to enjoy life off the court as well. My thoughts and prayers go out to Frank’s family. ”