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Frank Isola Rumors

Eddy Curry on Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury beef: They were neighbors. Literally, we all lived in the same neighborhood. Me, Stephon, Isiah. They literally were neighbors. Their backyards backed up to each other. They didn’t have fences. If Isiah went into his backyard to his pool, he could be standing right there shaking Steph’s hand if he wanted to. They were that close. Knowing Steph, he felt betrayed in a lot of situations. He felt like he had Isiah’s back in situations, and Isiah didn’t have his back in situations. Once that trust is broken, and somebody feels this isn’t about a team, everybody starts pointing fingers. Once the media picks up and starts pointing the finger at Steph, he’s like, it’s not me. You need to be looking at this guy. By that time, these guys have relationships with Frank Isola and Marc Berman, so it’s not hard to get a narrative going if that’s what you wanted to do. I personally didn’t play into any of that type of stuff. I know guys were talking to people and putting stuff out.