Frank Vogel Rumors

We all know now that long 2-point shots are “bad.” Where you do you stand on long 3-pointers? Do the analytics support taking those shots? Frank Vogel: I call them “4-pointers.” You have guys with 3-point range and guys with 4-point range. You used to have to chart when you were preparing for a team how a guy shoots at the arc and how a guy shoots from the corner. Now you have to chart corner, arc and how they shoot from 4-point range. Maybe you want to give some guys those shots. But some guys – Steph [Curry], Dame [Lillard] – shoot a very high percentage from that range, so you have to treat them like it’s a corner three.
LeBron and his coaches have been a storyline at each of his stops, and not always in a pleasant way. What do you anticipate? Frank Vogel: I only know how he’s been with me. That’s the only measuring stick I’m going to use. I’m not going to look at how it’s been with his past coaches. That really doesn’t concern me. I want to shape my own opinion of him as a person and one of the greatest ever. I’m going to take my approach and work together with him to hopefully do something special.
Storyline: LeBron-Vogel Dynamic

Frank Vogel optimistic about Dwight Howard

Frank Vogel on Dwight Howard: “I’m definitely confident he can the play we’ve laid out for him. He’s coming to the Lakers at a very different time in his career. [The] first time he was here, he was on top of the NBA mountain and was a bonafide superstar. Things have changed, he’s later in his career now, he’s a different person, has a different mindset…”
The Los Angeles Lakers have named Jason Kidd, Lionel Hollins, Phil Handy, Miles Simon, Mike Penberthy and Quinton Crawford as assistant coaches on Head Coach Frank Vogel’s staff, it was announced today. Also named to Vogel’s staff are Greg St. Jean as player development coach/advance scout, Dru Anthrop as head video coordinator/player development coach, and Jon Pastorek, as assistant video coordinator/player development coach.