Frank Vogel Rumors

Even before the Lakers won the championship, some were ready to attach an asterisk. Vogel pushed back on that concept, pointing out that not every team was ready to grind out all those months in the bubble. “To endure that type of intense pressure environment, where every detail is scrutinized, where the intensity was high,” he said, “to endure those meetings with no outlet of family, or whatever single guys would be doing, without an outlet, was one of the biggest challenges. It was a credit to all the participants to lean on and to support each other.”
“He’s the best leader I’ve ever been around, simplest way to put it,” said his current coach, Frank Vogel of the Lakers. Davis said: “He’s very detailed. Like his attention to detail is off the charts, to every series, every game. He’s locked in as soon as he steps into the arena. Takes care of his body. He sleeps more than anybody I know. So those things, like the things he does now — he has all this recovery stuff shifting and stuff like that, but it’s why he’s been so dominant for 17 years. It seems like he’s aging backwards, and it’s because he takes care of his body.” I swear I’ve heard four different versions of that same comment during my six seasons covering LeBron. Davis also said: “He goes to the Finals every year. Win or lose, he always comes back the next year.”