Fred Hoiberg Rumors

Glen Taylor certainly wishes Fred Hoiberg well. But the Minnesota Timberwolves owner isn’t directly pining for his former player and assistant general manager to be leading the Twin Cities charge in the NBA. Not now, anyway. Three days after firing coach Tom Thibodeau following a blowout victory, Taylor reiterated his support for interim coach Ryan Saunders in a scheduled interview with reporters in Des Moines on Wednesday. “We’ve hired Ryan to be the interim coach, and we’re going to give him the opportunity,” Taylor said.
Former Chicago Bulls and Iowa State Cyclones head coach Fred Hoiberg told ESPN on Monday that he’d prefer to stay in coaching — at either the college or pro level — rather than return to an NBA front-office role. “My passion is in coaching,” Hoiberg said, “and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.” The Minnesota Timberwolves could have interest in Hoiberg as either coach or general manager in the wake of firing Tom Thibodeau, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Sunday.
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“Absolutely, he [deserves another chance in the NBA],’’ Boylen said Monday. “The best coaches at every level have been let go. I mean, you could list them. I could list them. “I learned a ton when I was let go at [the University of] Utah [in 2011]. I learned a ton and grew a bunch, and that’s what it’s about. You take your moments at this level, and you learn and you grow, and if it doesn’t work out where you’re at, you move to the next one.’’