Fred McLeod Rumors

McLeod was a tireless worker. He was a perfectionist. That work ethic is the first memory most everyone holds of him. He attended every practice. He watched more film than most players. Jeff Phelps, his colleague at Fox Sports, watched him carry around manila folders stuffed full of stories and notes on every upcoming opponent. He meticulously studied game notes and feature stories on the stars and the guys at the end of the opposing bench. Each folder was at least 3 inches thick. For a four-game road trip, he was lugging around a foot of papers into hotels and onto airplanes.
Storyline: Fred McLeod Death
Fred never said no. Whether they needed him to emcee an event or just shake hands and pose for pictures with corporate sponsors, McLeod was always available — so long as seafood wasn’t involved. He hated the smell of fish so much that he skipped out on meals with the crew if they were having seafood. For years, his partner and close friend Austin Carr wouldn’t be able to order fish on planes because they sat together and the smell bothered Fred so badly. He avoided fish so much that Clifton thought he was allergic to it.