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Will Guillory: Will: DeMarcus hasn’t really talked to anybody about his plans in free agency, that’s why you haven’t heard much about it. But everyone within the organization likes what he brings and they’d love to have him back. At this point, I’d bet on him coming back to New Orleans after free agency, but a lot can happen between now and then. He’s developed a really good relationship with Anthony Davis and everyone else on the team, and I think he’d love to finish what they started this year. The Pelicans’ success in the playoffs certainly doesn’t hurt their chances either.
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Storyline: DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency
Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday also suggested that Thursday’s game could be a recruiting effort for New Orleans, since Cousins is scheduled to be a free agent this summer. “It’s awesome. See what the future is like for him – you know what I mean?” Holiday said with a smile. “To be able to come in here and have this atmosphere, especially at home, playoff atmosphere, it’s great.”
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Storyline: DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency
All along, Haslem — the walking, elbow-throwing definition of a Heat lifer — would listen to Wade complain about what was missing in his familiar but different locations and could only interpret one thing: Wade was missing Miami. “Yeah, I knew he was. We talked all the time. He missed it,” Haslem told Yahoo Sports. “But if you’re a real friend, you support your friend throughout their situation, whether you agree with them or not. You just stick by, ride it out.”
Lamar Odom says he’s busting his ass in the gym to get back on the court — telling TMZ Sports he wants to strike a deal to play pro basketball overseas. The 38-year-old was leaving Gold’s Gym in Glendale — where we saw him puttin’ in work earlier this week — and he told us it’s all part of his comeback plan. “I’m just working out trying to work my way back overseas,” Odom told us.
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Kyle O’Quinn said he hasn’t made up his mind about the opt-out clause in his contract with the Knicks and instead has focused on taking care of another important decision. O’Quinn said he has hired a new agent after his name was among more than 25 players who appeared in a February Yahoo! Sports report that said he took loans from former NBA agent Andy Miller and ASM Sports agency while in college at Norfolk State. O’Quinn denied the report at the time and has switched to Priority Sports agency. His next decision is whether to activate the $4.26-million player option with the Knicks this summer.
“They’ll get somebody soon,” says an All-Star due to hit free agency in the near future. “They play hard. They play together. They know their role. And, most important, they’re in Los Angeles.” For years the Lakers sold their town and their tradition, and it was not enough. But the rejections of Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony, Greg Monroe and LaMarcus Aldridge, boosted them as much as any acquisition. They were forced to trust a shrewd scouting department, led by Jesse Buss, and rebuild the same way as their peers, with a pile of picks. Now the sunshine might matter.