Free throws Rumors

Despite awesome scoring totals, Harden’s percentages from the field aren’t as dominant as other great scorers. He converts his shots at average rates, but that’s deceptive because he hedges on efficiency by only shooting in the best spots. And he achieves a massive subsidy by getting to the line more than anyone else in the NBA. Harden is the savviest foul-hunting guard this league has ever seen. He’s led the NBA in made free throws in each of the past five seasons, but he’s taking it to new heights this season. The dude is going to the line 14.4 times per game, and over 12 of his nearly 39 points per night are coming at the charity stripe.
Russell Westbrook, one of the savviest free throw defenders in the league, has a more nuanced go-to move. It’s similar to Beverley’s cliffhanger but more subtle. Right as the shooter raises the ball over his head, Westbrook will go from bent over with hands on his knees, to popping straight up. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Westbrook said when asked about it, with one part wink-wink and another part don’t-you-dare-ask-another-question-about-this.
JJ Redick, an 89% career free thrower, said that passing comments such as, “I know you’re gonna give me one here” are pretty standard. He said he often has noticed someone from the bench yelling right as he shoots. “You can count on it when we play the Raptors, [Toronto assistant coach] Jamaal Magloire is gonna stand up and yell while you’re shooting free throws. It’s just gonna happen,” Redick said. “I do the same s—.”
Hachimura, who has drawn comparisons to Jabari Parker, Terry Cummings, Antawn Jamison and Pascal Siakam, among others, according to NBA pundits Hoop Scoop has contacted in recent days, recognizes that getting to the free-throw line on a consistent basis is something he needs to do more of. He’s only attempted 18 free throws, but made 5 of 6 against the Spurs. Being aggressive and scoring inside, even when contact is made by an opponent, is a priority. “Yeah, you have to,” Hachimura said, referring to completing scoring chances at the rim, according to The Washington Times. “Even if I get fouled, you have to go up strong.”