Frivolities Rumors

The jersey Photoshop no longer is the novelty it was early in the decade. Teams employ graphic designers to create them, media outlets prepare them weeks ahead in anticipation and fans spend their own free time mocking up what a player might look like in their favorite team’s colors. These images have reached such consistent levels of quality that bad renditions are pilloried. The perfectness has even been parodied by SB Nation’s social staff, tweeting out purposefully bad renditions. All for … what, exactly? “A lot of sports content is meaningless and absurd, but that one to me seems crazy,” Moore said. “And yet there’s real value to it, because we’ve seen the interactions that come with. If I was running that social account, I would do the same thing.”
Gregg Popovich has a devious plan to slow down Patty Mills when Team USA takes on the Boomers in next week’s pre-World Cup exhibition games in Melbourne. The master NBA coach is going to fatten the Australian point guard up. “I’m going to take him out to eat,” Popovich, jokingly told reporters on Los Angeles on Tuesday. “I’m going to fill him up and try to make him fat so he can’t move around so quickly.”