Frivolities Rumors

According to Hehir, Riley shared a story that happened while spending his vacation in Hawaii sometime in 1992 or 1993. The then-Knicks coach booked a presidential suite in one of the resorts. However, the manager requested Riley to move out to accommodate a very special guest. That VIP turned out to be none other than Jordan. Riley even found out in the most savage of ways. While he was chilling by the pool, he saw His Airness waving at him from the balcony of the suite.
Charles Barkley is known by most young fans for his antics on TNT’s NBA on TNT but before he had a successful analyst career he had a Hall of Fame basketball career. Barkley talked about how he played in a game drunk once on ESPN Reporter’s Zach Lowe’s podcast because he thought he was getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1992 season. Barkley said: “My agent calls me one morning and he says ‘hey, you’re going to get traded to the Lakers today. And me and my friends, we go out and celebrate and get drunk around noon…. He calls me later and says ‘hey you’ve been traded to the Lakers, they’re going to finalize the deal and I’ll get back to you.’