Frivolities Rumors

Kyrie Irving was getting dressed in the visitor’s locker room at Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday when he decided to share some Nets history with Caris LeVert, who was standing nearby. “It’s not a coincidence that the last time the Nets won a title, they were led by Julius Erving,” Irving said, referencing the two ABA titles Hall of Famer Julius Erving won with the then-New York Nets in 1974 and 1976. “And now, we have another Irving. I’m just saying.”
“I’m just saying. Erving. Irving,” the mercurial All-Star point guard turned defense attorney said, making his case, to no avail. “How do you spell his name again?” Pinson responded, hoping that Irving would realize how silly he was being with the Dr. J chatter and just…stop. “He’s with an E,” Irving said, acknowledging the difference, “but how do you say it?” Irving smiled and nodded. He wouldn’t relent. His teammates wouldn’t, either. Laughter ended the discussion.
Back when Matthews and Lopez were teammates on the Portland Trail Blazers, they started beating each other up in faux wrestling matches before rushing out onto the floor. They brought the routine to Milwaukee this season, and it has exploded in locker room popularity. “It’s a vibe of brotherhood,” Thanasis said. “We’re all together having fun.”