Fuenlabrada Rumors

The basic facts: Biyombo had signed a contract that would have paid him about $100,000 had he played for Fuenlabrada this season. The team clamed Biyombo owed Fuenlabrada 80 percent of his earnings, world-wide, for the foreseeable future. Bell understandably was looking to minimize what Biyombo would have to pay. So he offered a $400,000 settlement, according to a source privy to the negotiations. That only stiffened Fuenlabrada’s resolve, and there was concern whether Biyombo – the No. 7 overall pick in the draft – would play for the Bobcats at this season. That’s when Higgins, backed by a half-dozen attorneys, interceded. “After communicating with the agent and seeing nothing was getting done, we felt we had to take control of this process,” Higgins told the Observer on Monday. “We invited (Fuenlabrada management) to come talk with us. We initially said we would come over there and they insisted on coming to the States, which was fine with us.”