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Gail Miller Rumors

Friends, After almost four decades of ownership, Gail Miller, who purchased the Utah Jazz with her late husband Larry in 1985, decided to sell the team this past October for $1.66 billion. The buyer? Ryan Smith, the billionaire chairman and cofounder of Qualtrics — an experience management company based in Utah. The interesting part? He’s quickly become one of my favorite NBA owners already. Today, we’ll run through why.
“Obviously, when we started talking about the idea (of selling the team), what-would-Larry-do came up,” Gail Miller said in an exclusive interview with the Deseret News Wednesday afternoon. “I think my most overriding feeling is that I don’t think Larry cares. When he was dying it was really evident that this world no longer mattered to him. His attention was diverted to more important things.
“He put me in charge. He told me, ‘You’re going to be the trustee. You’ve got the institutional knowledge. You do what you think is best.’ He had faith in my judgment and ability to make decisions and take care of things.” After a thorough and open discussion with the family management group — which consists of her five children and grandson — she says they agreed the time was right to sell the team. “We all had to come to the conclusion on our own,” said Miller. “Some were slower to come to the party. In the end we all saw the wisdom in this decision, which opens an asset we can do so much more with.”