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Gary Gerould Rumors

Ray: You are now going to be the Kings’ interim TV play-by-play announcer. Obviously, you have a very different style than Grant Napear. I would call his a ‘hot’ style and yours a ‘low-key’ style. Do you think that will affect how you are going to be received or how you are going to approach things, or is it irrelevant? Gary Gerould: I would not call it a concern, but it is certainly something I am very much aware of. Grant and I obviously have two distinctively different styles. I spoke to him recently after this acknowledgement from the Kings came that I was going to be plugged into an interim role as a television broadcaster for the games that the Kings are hoping to play later this month in Orlando. I said, “You know as well as I do how our styles are different and I am certainly not in any position where I am trying to fill your shoes. I am trying to do what I do and I will try to do it at the best of my ability.” How people will react to that is a giant unknown.
Ray: Can you name an all-star five for the Kings from your years with the team, as well as an opponents’ all-star five? Gary Gerould: For the Kings, I have to include Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber and Peja Stojaković. I probably have to include DeMarcus Cousins. I know that is frontline-heavy and I have not done justice to guards. I thought about Reggie Theus; I thought about Mike Bibby; I thought about Kevin Martin. In view of the success that the Kings had in that eight season run where Bibby was involved, I would make him probably the fifth guy. So Richmond, Stojaković, Webber, Cousins, Bibby is the five that I would go with.
The Sacramento Kings announced today that broadcasting icon Gary Gerould has been named the team’s interim TV play-by-play announcer for the remainder of the 2019-20 NBA season. Affectionately known among Kings players, personnel, fans and throughout the NBA as “The G-Man,” Gerould will call the historic game action in Orlando with Kings TV color analyst and Kings Legend Doug Christie virtually from Golden 1 Center when the season resumes on NBC Sports California, the exclusive home of Kings basketball.
“One of the things that I particularly like with the young core, with this bunch, is their enthusiasm, their charisma, the fact that they seem to embrace an old fart like me,” Gerould continued. “They rejuvenate you, in that sense, and I think that rejuvenation is felt by fans and it’s felt by most everybody. And it’s very refreshing, to believe now that a legitimate foundation is now being built. We can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and we haven’t seen that light for a while. It’s exciting.”