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If you’d like to apply to have a game from your past revisited, or if you’d like more information about Gatorade REPLAY, visit ReplayThe or check out their FaceBook page, which can help you track down former teammates, by visiting here! You can also check out the exclusive REPLAY Season 3 anthem. A collection of the top hip-hop artists/producers of today’s music scene including Common, Lupe Fiasco, Jennifer Hudson and No I.D. (all from Chicago) who collaborated to create an anthem for the REPLAY story and for the city of Chicago. Gatorade is proud to bring them together and have them contribute their talents to the brand and the city. The song will be online starting Wednesday, 10/27, and available as a free download through Sunday, 11/7.
For the basketball edition of REPLAY, Gatorade decided to up the ante a bit by involving two of the NBA’s biggest stars: Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard and Miami HEAT All-Star guard Dwyane Wade. “The two schools involved in season three are Bloom Township and Brother Rice, who took part in a highly controversial game that was decided by a last-second tip-in that has been argued ever since. In the game prior to the game that was replayed, Brother Rice actually knocked Richards, Dwyane’s high school, out of the race for the state championship. Brother Rice actually ended Dwyane Wade’s high school career. When we brought him in we decided he would be an honorary coach for Bloom because clearly it might be a chance for him to get some revenge against Brother Rice. He had some skin in the game, which was neat to see, and one of the players on the Bloom team actually went on to play with Dwyane at Marquette, so he has some unique connections to this season. Then we brought in Dwight Howard to coach Brother Rice. They actually came out to a practice about midway through the training for both schools and Dwyane and Dwight actually brought four of their friends that they played with in high school and kind of challenged the season three athletes in pick-up games, so that was a neat opportunity for the athletes.
This year, as you may have already guessed, the Gatorade REPLAY folks have turned their attention to the hardwoods, and HOOPSWORLD caught up with Gatorade Entertainment Marketing’s Lauren Fritts for the skinny on the latest craze to hit the NBA. “It was all rooted in a strategy that we were trying to help every day athletes understand Gatorade’s relevancy for them, because for a long time people thought Gatorade was just about championing champions, and we wanted athletes to know that Gatorade champions all athletes,” says Fritts. “Gatorade REPLAY was part of a series of different kinds of content that was living on our website, and to be honest it started a little bit experimentally. We wanted to see if we could even make this happen, and I think the genius of the idea is that question of whether or not it’s even possible. We started to see that the concept was slowly developing a following and some media buzz, I think because of the notion that it was crazy that someone would even attempt to do it. From there we realized that this was an idea that we should really invest in because in sports you never really get a second chance, and how cool that Gatorade’s coming in and actually giving people a chance to settle an old score. After we saw the success of our first season of football we really decided to be more purposeful in building a platform around it. We were able to partner with Fox Sports to bring our footage from season one to a TV environment, and then partnered with them on seasons two and three, where Gatorade will choose and enable the replays and Fox Sports will come capture it and create a documentary around it.”