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George Gervin Rumors

Gervin was, and still is, one of the greatest bucket-getters to ever touch a basketball court, and he’s one of the best 75 players in NBA history. Gervin checks in at No. 42 of The Athletic’s top 75. “You’re talking about shooting the basketball and the things he could do with a basketball in terms of banking it, shooting it straight in, off the glass … it was like — it’s like George Gervin was Minnesota Fats on the pool table,” Pistons legend Isiah Thomas told The Athletic. “That’s how much control he had over the basketball. “Nobody was better than George Gervin. Nobody.”
Wrapping up this interview in an arena that will soon bear his name, Gervin thinks on it all for a second. What if he had gone to a different school? What if he’d played at Long Beach State? What if all those dominoes didn’t fall in order for him to land at EMU as an outsized star at the unlikeliest place? What if he never played in the 1972 NCAA College Division national semifinals? Gervin lets out a sort of half-laugh. He says, “You know, I really think I became the Iceman from that controversy. I learned to control my emotions. Think about it. And guess where I was? At Eastern Michigan University.”

George Gervin documentary in the works

With the NBA’s 75th season underway, Mike Tollin — who helped produce last year’s Michael Jordan docuseries The Last Dance — has found another basketball legend whose story he’s looking to tell. Tollin’s MSM is planning a new documentary on the life of George Gervin, aka “The Iceman,” who was just named to the NBA’s 75th anniversary team. The film will showcase Gervin’s influence on the game that can still be seen at all levels throughout the world.