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George Gervin Rumors

“Spread the joy,” said Gervin, the first Spur to enter the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame after a career that began in the ABA and included four NBA scoring titles as a Spur. “Exposure is everything,” Gervin continued. “For these kids to be exposed to the Spurs, and everybody has a smile on their face, is so important. The exposure is even more important than the training. These kids, man, they ain’t never going to forget this, and we just don’t know what kind of positive impact is going to change the lives of young people. It’s always good to do things like this.”
Marianne Stanley, presented byCathy Rush (‘08), Lisa Leslie (‘15), Nancy Lieberman (‘96) Hugh Evans, presented by Reggie Miller (‘12), George Gervin (‘96) Theresa Shank-Grentz, presented by Cathy Rush (‘08), Charles Barkley (’06), Vivian Stringer (‘09) Del Harris, presented by Nancy Lieberman (‘96), John Calipari (‘15), Sidney Moncrief (‘19) Lou Hudson, presented by Spencer Haywood (‘15), Jamaal Wilkes (‘12) Larry Costello, presented by Billy Cunningham (‘86), Wayne Embry (‘99), Bob Dandridge (’21) Radivoj Korac, presented by Spencer Haywood (‘15)
In the summer of 1981, while they were both at college, Harris Sr. met and married his wife, Lisa Mulzac. Both are first-generation college graduates. Together they worked and raised their six children in Long Island, NY. Harris Sr. began working as a buyer for Macy’s in Herald Square, NY. As his family grew, he knew that he needed a more lucrative career and started work at Northwestern Mutual. Once there, he became a top producer, which led to becoming a Sports Agent. ” I spent three years in the Sports Agency program, and when I finished, NBA Hall of Famer George “Iceman” Gervin became one of my first clients,” said Harris Sr.
Walt Frazier Enterprises was a landmark. It had an office on Park Avenue. Frazier was its namesake and its face. He owned a third of it. Billy Cunningham, then a 76ers star, owned a third as well. Irwin Weiner, the actual agent in the midst, owned the other portion. Together, they represented some of the league’s top players, from Julius Erving to George McGinnis and George Gervin, at a time when there were few agents even around. “They set the tone for how things are operating now,” Mychal Thompson, one of its clients, said.