George Maloff Rumors

None of the above, Maloof insisted during a private conversation before the dinner, cautioning not to read anything sinister into his presence. He said he learned during the relocation “process” about this charity from Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, who also serves as executive director of The Eli Home, and wanted to show his support. “I just felt a special connection to this charity; that was the reason,” Maloof said. “We also felt (that) the city was so welcoming to us, we wanted to give back. Wherever we are, we give back. In Sacramento, we’ve given back millions of dollars to the community charities. We’re used to doing that. That’s why I’m here.”
Maloof said the family is waiting for the arena task force (“Think BIG Sacramento”) to announce its plans on how to build and finance a new arena. Its report is scheduled to be released Sept. 8. “We’re waiting for their proposal, which we should see in the next 45 days,” he said. There has been recent speculation that the arena task force had been counting on using some state redevelopment money that was recently eliminated in Gov. Jerry Brown’s new budget, but Maloof wouldn’t address that. “I’ve heard so many different things,” he said. “Until the report comes out, I’m probably not going to comment on anything.”