George Mikan Rumors

Mikan was seeking $12,000, which “was a ton of money” at the time, Hartman said in his book. The Lakers initially dragged their feet, and Mikan decided he was flying back to Chicago, which could have ended the Lakers’ chances. “Max [Winter, who had become a team executive] and I talked it over and figured that if Mikan got on that flight, he was gone for good,” Hartman said. “So I drove Mikan to the airport, and I made sure to get lost on the way. I drove north toward Anoka, rather than south toward the airport. After Mikan missed his flight, we put him up in a downtown hotel, then brought him to the Lakers office in the Loeb Arcade the next morning and agreed to give him the $12,000.”
Davis’ 34 points put him in the company of all-time Lakers greats like Shaquille O’Neal, George Mikan and Elgin Baylor for most points in a finals debut, further entrenching Davis with the tradition-rich franchise. “To be in that category is definitely a huge honor for me,” Davis said. “What makes it even more sweeter is winning it. And so obviously that’s a great honor, but I also want to be mentioned in categories with champions. So that’s the next step.”
Entering Game 3, Doncic has scored the second-most points in his first two playoff contests (70) in NBA history, second only to George Mikan’s 75 points in 1949. In Game 1, Doncic’s 42 points were the most in a playoff debut in league history and tied for the second-most in a playoff game by a player 21 or younger. LeBron James notched 45 points in a postseason game in 2006. “I don’t care about Luka,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said beforehand. “I care about beating the Mavs, honestly. I’m just being honest. We don’t look at it like — Luka, what if we have a great night and they win? We’re still gonna not feel good about the game. You could make a case the other night they made their run when Luka was off the floor. So we focus more on just team defense, and I know what that looks like and we haven’t done it yet.”
Frazier also cited rule changes designed to limit Chamberlain, who famously dumped 100 points on the Knicks. “There were only two players they ever changed the rules for in pro basketball – George Mikan, and Wilt Chamberlain — widening the lane for them,’’ Frazier said. “The two guys they had to neutralize by changing some aspect of the game. If not for Chamberlain, nobody would’ve heard of any of us. I don’t know if there would’ve been an NBA. If not for Wilt and Bill Russell. I don’t know if the NBA would’ve made it. “I would find it hard to say Mike. Mike is right there with those guys, but if I had to pick, it would be Chamberlain.’’