George Mikan Rumors

The Lakers won in 1950, and then from 1952 through 1954. “They were just big people,” said Earl Lloyd. “The two really huge people were Mikkelsen and Mikan. You think it was an accident that they won all those titles?” “Looking back on it, many guys writing stories figured it was all George Mikan,” Mikkelsen said. “But that wasn’t the case. We would all run the court.” He was right. Mikkelsen was a six-time All-Star and was selected All-NBA Second Team four times. An All-Star seven times, Slater Martin was All-NBA Second Team five times. Pollard, too, was an All-NBL and All-BAA selection and a four-time NBA All-Star.
Q: Who are players in basketball history that have been forgotten? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: I would say there are a whole lot of players from the early years of the NBA. The NBA opened up in 1947. Players that played in the first 15 years, we don’t know very much about them. We know who George Mikan is, that the Lakers had a dominant team and George Mikan was a dominant player, but there aren’t many people who can name another dominant player from that era. I can’t. We don’t really have a very accurate backwards view of that era of basketball.