Gersson Rosas Rumors

The Wolves are making a concerted effort to shoot more three-pointers this season, and they are on track to do that after taking 39 of their 93 shots from beyond the arc Tuesday in the first look at their revamped offense. They averaged 28.7 attempts last season, fifth fewest in the NBA. If they had averaged 39 per game last season, they would have been second in the NBA in three-point attempts. Only the high-volume Rockets, who launched 45.4 per game, would have had more — and it’s no coincidence new Wolves President Gersson Rosas was hired away from Houston.
They will enter the regular season as long shots to make the playoffs in the high-powered Western Conference. If they’re going to surprise people and jump into contention, Towns will have to lead the way. “Our focus is he has the best year of his career now. But we want that ceiling to grow and stretch to levels that make him a special talent in this league,” Rosas said. “For us, he’s 23, 24 years old, coming into his own individually. “Now we have to make winning a part of that formula. How we build a team. How we play offense, how we play defense are big parts that are wrapped around who he is and what he can do.”