Gersson Rosas Rumors

Former Rockets power forward and fan favorite Chuck Hayes has returned to the team as pro player personnel scout. Hayes, who held a similar position with the Denver Nuggets last season, will continue to evaluate NBA and other players for the Rockets with some work in player development, Rockets vice president Gersson Rosas said. “We value him not only as a player, but his profile and his background is extremely valuable to what we do on the personnel side,” Rosas said. “He’s a guy who has a different perspective. We see a guy with a lot of talent, a lot of character and a lot of upside in terms of his role in the front office.”
Atlanta is considering a number of candidates, including Griffin, Joe Dumars, Houston vice president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas, and New York Knicks director of player personnel Mark Hughes, sources said. Altanta is also planning to discuss the GM opening with television analysts and former players Chauncey Billups and Brent Barry, league sources told The Vertical. Houston has granted permission to Atlanta to discuss the opening with Rosas, its No. 2 executive behind GM Daryl Morey, league sources said. New York has granted permission on Hughes too, league sources said.
And in terms of pure volume, it appears that number may increase, if the recent NBA Draft is any indication. Fifteen of the 30 first-round picks were foreign-born, including top overall pick Ben Simmons, of Australia, a country that competed well (finishing fourth) in the Olympics without him. “I think it’s a sign of what’s to come,” Rosas said. “I think we’re headed to a continued growth of global basketball talent that is going to fill the NBA. I think you’re going to see the impact, even at a higher level, of players like Pau Gasol in Spain. [Andrew] Bogut and [Patty] Mills in Australia. The guys who are playing in Serbia and Lithuania. I think the NBA is very open-minded. San Antonio has had a ton of success with international players. The competition is good. It’s good for our sport.”