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Glen Grunwald Rumors

If the choice to award the Cup in exhibition games strikes you as strange, consider that the teams, in conjunction with NBA Canada, used it as an opportunity to host the events around the country. The five Naismith Cup matches held between 1995 and 2000 (the 1998 game was cancelled due to the lockout) were played in Winnipeg, Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton, and Ottawa. That’s a tradition the Raptors do their best to continue to this day, holding recent training camps in Victoria or Quebec City, and exhibition games in Montreal, Vancouver, and London. (They still owe St. John’s a game, as former Raptors general manager and current CEO of Canada Basketball Glen Grunwald is quick to remind us.) The touring Naismith Cup games were well-attended, ranging from 8,190 to 15,104 fans in attendance.
Last week’s Knicks press release quoted new executive VP William Wesley on his “long history with and respect for Jim Dolan.’’ Sources confirm Wesley has been in the Knicks owner’s ear for 15 years, working behind the scenes. As is his custom. A Knicks coach from the Glen Grunwald era verified the influence of “World Wide Wes.” “When we were there, I was told he listened to ‘World Wide Wes’ more than he did Grunwald,” the coach told The Post.
Let’s be clear — that is all on the Raptors, from Larry Tanenbaum to Peddie to former general manager Glen Grunwald. Still, Carter did have legitimate power. Even if he could not swing ownership and management in the directions he wanted, such as the hiring of his childhood idol, Julius Erving as GM instead of Rob Babcock, he still had a voice. And, most of all, his game. “(Babcock) thinks (Carter’s) not part of going forward with Bosh. (Carter) is injured. He’s not engaged,” said Peddie, who has repeatedly taken the blame for the hiring of the late Babcock. “The general manager thinks he can do better, puts together that trade. I honestly believe, and I don’t know this with certainty, that Vince wanted out as well.”
Glen Grunwald, the CEO of Canada Basketball, began to wonder then about the fate of a season that had held so much promise. “It’s been like a cascade, right? You heard about the virus in China and you start thinking about the pandemic movies that you’ve seen in the past, and you think. ‘That’s not going to happen,’ and then it just keeps rolling downhill and keeps getting bigger and bigger,” Grunwald said Tuesday.
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