Glenn DiSarcina Rumors

If their paths ever do cross again, Glenn DiSarcina believes his old Birmingham Barons teammate would remember him. But they roam different galaxies. DiSarcina lives in Shirley and is the baseball coach at Groton (Mass.) School. Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever — and most famous .202 hitter in Double-A baseball history — is majority owner of the NBA’s woeful Charlotte Bobcats. The two were teammates 19 years ago, riding through the Southern League in a $350,000 luxury bus provided by a Birmingham, Ala., tour company in exchange for Jordan appearing in a magazine advertisement.
On the team bus and inside the Barons clubhouse, Jordan was just one of the guys, says DiSarcina. He just had a lot more walking-around money. The team had a Dominican catcher named Rogelio Nunez. Jordan took it upon himself to help Nunez improve his English. He offered Nunez $100 each time the catcher correctly spelled a baseball term that began with a certain letter. Jordan would give Nunez the letter the day before and tell him to study overnight. Unbeknownst to Jordan, Nunez’s studying consisted of going to his English-speaking teammates for a cheat list of possible terms. “I think he made $2,000 before Michael caught on,” says DiSarcina.