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God Shammgod Rumors

Luka Doncic has the potential to be one of the all-time greats if he continues on the current path he is on with the Dallas Mavericks. God Shammgod, the legendary ball-handler and current assistant for the Mavericks, had high praise for Doncic during an appearance on the Cruz Control podcast. “Luka ill with it. Luka is a person like if you are a painter and somebody gave you a blank canvas. This canvas has all the potential to be whatever you want it to be. Luka is that. He has all this talent that any little thing I give him, any big thing I give him, he takes it to the next level. It is like from one year to the next us changing his angles and telling him different angle points, all you got to do is tell him one time and next you thing you know he is doing it.”
Although players such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James have greater name recognition, God Shammgod is an undeniable legend in basketball. And now, the baller — who authored a devastating one-handed crossover that current players mimic — has a Puma court-ready sneaker with his name on it. Available now via is the Puma Legacy “Shammgod.” The sneaker is available in men’s sizing and retails for $100.
The shoe for the retired NBA baller, who is now a development coach with the Dallas Mavericks, features several nods to his upbringing and his legendary move, often referred to as “Cross Ova to God.” Included on the shoe is 1997 on the heels (the year he was selected in the NBA Draft), speckled concrete midsoles as a nod to the streets of his New York City hometown, often referred to as the concrete jungle and images on the insoles that break down his crossover.
When the trio huddled at that Dec. 29 game at Staples, Gianna excitedly told the story of how she “did the Shammgod on this girl” in a recent game. “She was so locked in,” Shammgod said. “Her mind-set was just like his mind-set.” That was evident in a 2019 glimpse of Gianna on camera with the Las Vegas CBS affiliate during a trip to watch that season’s opener for the W.N.B.A.’s Las Vegas Aces. Explaining her fascination with film study, Gigi could not have sounded much more like her father when she said, “More information, more inspiration.”
In their high school days, Shammgod — then known as Shammgod Wells — wound up at an ABCD youth camp with Bryant in New Jersey. Kobe had spent some of his formative years in Italy, where his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, was playing professionally, but Shammgod said Kobe’s fellow campers knew only that he had mostly played abroad somewhere. “The boy from France,” Shammgod said. “That’s what we called him. After the first game, guys were saying, ‘Who’s this guy who actually thinks he’s Michael Jordan?’ He’s walking like Jordan, he’s doing every Jordan move, shooting all the balls.”
Bryant was clearly a special talent, but his ball handling was a weakness. Joe Bryant had noticed Shammgod’s slick handles and asked the 16-year-old if he could help Jellybean’s 15-year-old son. Shammgod told the elder Bryant that he would be happy to work out with Kobe — at 6 the next morning. “I was thinking, ‘He’s not going to show,’” Shammgod said. “I get there and he’s already there.”