Golf Rumors

During an appearance on Friday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Curry’s wife, Ayesha, explained how the COVID-19 pandemic created some confusion for their son over what his dad does for a living. “For the longest time, he thought his dad was a golfer because of the pandemic and there was no basketball in season,” Ayesha said. “So, he’s just now realizing that his dad and his uncle play basketball. So, that’s been exciting for us.”
Curry has experienced racism on the golf course, too, and says he can’t imagine what Elder went through. “When my dad was looking for memberships at certain places, you kind of could get that vibe and hear the chatter. He was obviously a professional athlete, so there was a little bit of a dull of the effect, honestly. But you still had heads turn when you show up to a course, if you didn’t know anybody or they were questioning why you were there or they didn’t know who my dad was at the time. I started playing when I was, like, 10 in ’98, ’99. Go back 45 years, I can’t imagine what [Elder] went through, man. I cannot. I cannot imagine,” said Curry, who interviewed Elder through his Curry Brand on Sunday.
“Golf is such an individual sport. I can’t imagine how lonely that was, with the anticipation and buildup. To cross that threshold for the first time and the uncertainty and the unknown there, with it only being him and the magnitude of that moment, I honestly can’t imagine it. Going into the [NBA] Finals or going into a hostile [NBA road] environment, sounds like a life-or-death situation, but at least you have 12, 13 other guys to lean on and give you that juice. He was out there by himself and all on his own, keeping his composure and representing himself amazingly through it all.”
Stephen Curry has long been an admirer of Lee Elder, who endured racism as the first Black man to play in the Masters Tournament in 1975. So, of course the Golden State Warriors’ all-time leading scorer made it a point to watch the golf legend make history again at the 2021 Masters, where Elder served as an honorary starter alongside Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player on April 8. “To know that [Elder] gets his flowers while he’s still here, one, but to know what he went through at ’75, just to qualify for the Masters, to show up there with death threats and hate messages and just a very volatile kind of atmosphere,” Curry told The Undefeated in a phone interview Sunday evening. “And now he’s up there with two other legends getting a round of applause. So many amazing words, and deservedly so, of his impact and legacy in the game.”

Stephen Curry on Tiger Woods accident: 'My mind went to a dark place'

“It’s very unfortunate this day and age when you get a text like that and hear about Tiger,” Curry told ClutchPoints. “Obviously your mind goes, well for me, it went to a dark place. Thankfully, he didn’t have any life-threatening injuries, but it’s just unfortunate and sad knowing all that he’s been through these last couple of years. So, thankfully, he’s okay, from what I hear. I don’t know too many details.”