Great Britain Rumors

It started with a simple question on The Late, Late Show with James Corden. Shaquille O’Neal, ignoring that Queen Elizabeth is already married (he clearly is not a frequent watcher of The Crown), asked what would happen if he married the Queen of England. “Would that make me King of England?” Corden, ever the good host, said that he was guessing no. “But on behalf of everyone in Great Britain, I would love nothing more. I think it would be the most sensational thing that would ever happen.” On Tuesday, O’Neal tried to make his best case for the position on Inside the NBA.
However, the Sixers are prepared to accommodate their season-ticket holders for losing a home game. Those with automatic-payment plans will not be charged for the game. Season-ticket holders who have paid in full can request to get a game’s ticket price back. They can also roll over the refund for future game purchases, playoff tickets or use it to go towardthe following season’s tickets. “I look forward to coming back to London with the Sixers after visiting for the first time this summer,” Joel Embiid said in a statement. “We are a young, hungry team and will be sure to give the fans an exciting game against Boston in January.”
Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz will have the opportunity to show the Boston Celtics what they passed on when the two teams play a regular-season game at the O2 Arena in London on Jan. 11. The NBA London Game, hosted by AEG, features the two Atlantic division rivals that struck a trade for the top overall pick. Boston sent the No. 1 pick to Philadelphia, who drafted Fultz, in exchange for the third overall pick in June’s draft and either a first-rounder in 2018 or 2019.
Drew Sullivan, the former Olympic captain and star of the defending BBL champion team, the Leicester Riders, said: “It’s just not realistic. The thing that still hurts basketball in this country is that even though we have a lot of people who really do enjoy it, it’s still viewed as an American sport. And, let’s be honest, you know how patriotic we are. Rugby? That’s English! Cricket? That’s English! It’s steeped in our history and culture and there’s nothing wrong in that; people are always going to be interested in those three sports here first — football, rugby and cricket — and if we work hard and ever get it right, fourth is the best basketball could hope for here.”
1 year ago via ESPN