Greg Hansbrough Rumors

Their oldest brother, Greg, attained a win that tops anything Tyler or Ben will ever do on the basketball court—he beat brain cancer. Diagnosed at an early age, Greg faced incredible odds for survival and he overcame them. In typical Hansbrough fashion, Greg’s toughness and drive helped shape who is he today, but it wasn’t easy. The eldest Hansbrough was in a fight for his life and then had to learn to walk, talk and do everyday things again. “Having to learn to walk again,” Ben said about his brother, “and doing all that stuff really has inspired us in ways that can’t be explained.” “It was real tough,” Tyler said. “Especially when you love somebody like that and you see them struggling. But, you know, the way he battled and fought through it, it was an inspiration to me. And it’s something I’ll always look up to him for.”