Greg Popovich Rumors

“I feel like the talks this summer were very constructive and were kind of needed, having a heart to heart where you just say how you feel,” Aldridge said. “And I feel like Pop has been great about the things that I said or kind of needed or wanted, and so far it’s been great. I’m happy to be here,” Aldridge said. “It just worked out for both sides. I feel like this preseason has been great for myself, trying to find my rhythm and be myself. I feel like the offense has had some tweaks to it to where I’m feeling more comfortable and I feel like I am helping the team more. Pop told me he was happy about it. It’s working out for us.”
“(The contract talks) just came out of the blue and kept going,” Aldridge said. “I feel like once it sided, both sides were very interested. I didn’t (study) the market. I just went off how I feel. Pop has been great, and this preseason has made me feel so much more comfortable out there. I have been myself and I feel like I am going to help us win. So, I went off how I felt, in the moment and I did it.”