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Gregg Popovich Rumors

Is San Antonio a good place to get to know wine? Tony Parker: We invited all the vineyards to San Antonio. We hosted dinners with Coach Pop (Gregg Popovich) and then invited them to the games. And then in the summer I would go to meet them and work on my allocation to make sure I could have some good ones. Who came to visit? Tony Parker: They all came. Château Pétrus, Château Cheval Blanc. Champagne too, Dom Pérignon. Cognac, Louis XIII. I invited all the big houses and we had great dinners.
What were some of your most memorable wine dinners? Tony Parker: My best dinners were in San Antonio with Coach Pop, having great wines with all the best wine people in the world. Have you ever had drinks with one of your idols? Tony Parker: I’ve had great parties with Michael Jordan, but that’s always hard alcohol because we’re at a club, not dinners. Michael’s got his own tequila, so he is big into his tequila. I tried it of course, but I don’t really drink tequila.
In Popovich’s view, Walker has developed his game well enough to be a starter for the Lakers. “Learn how to play with teammates, understand what solid meant as far as winning and losing. And that takes a little bit of time. And he’s definitely progressed throughout in that regard,” Popovich said. “He continues on that path. He’s done a really good job. Because he always depended just on that athletic ability, it was so ridiculous compared to other people. But now he understands more the mental side of the game with each year that passes, and you can see that in his play.”