Gretchen Sheirr Rumors

The Rockets’ Gretchen Sheirr, who was promoted to the position from her previous role of Chief Operations Officer just two weeks ago, is well aware of the statistic. There has been a recent admirable charge for increased diversity in sports, and while the number of hirings of women and minorities show at least some signs of progress, there is still a long way to go. Sheirr understands that her hiring is a big step not only for the Rockets, but for the NBA overall. She’s spent the last two weeks responding to the flurry of congratulatory calls, texts and emails. At some point, she says, there will be time to sit and reflect on the moment. What she doesn’t want, however, is to focus on the number of women in her role. “I know that currently, there’s four of us,” Sheirr told The Athletic in a recent phone call. “And my goal is that one day, we stopped counting how many there are of us because that’s not right. That’s not the story. It’s the accomplishments that have happened. But until we get there, we’ve got work to do. And hopefully, I represent us well.”
Sheirr has already hit the ground running ahead of the new season. The Rockets are one of the first NBA teams to utilize cryptocurrency in their team stores. The initial stages of this development were made under Brown, but Sheirr is taking the mantle and is eager to push the team forward. Houston is extremely confident in the crypto space, stemming from owner Tillman Fertitta’s usage of cryptocurrency at his various business — casinos, restaurants and car dealerships. Sheirr understands consumer trends, and cryptocurrency has quickly become an extremely popular one, with people from all walks of life pouring money and looking to invest. At the end of the day, it’s about lessening the burden on the customer. “And just like anything, if people have money, and they support your team, and they want to spend it with you, you want to make the transaction as seamless and easy as possible,” Sheirr said. “
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For example, it’s up to Sheirr to make sure the fans feel welcome at Toyota Center. She has to make sure each and every person who walks through the door has the optimal experience, especially now as more and more vaccines are being administered and arenas ease up on safety restrictions. “Making sure that our team is valued and known for the work that they do is definitely a big priority,” Sheirr said. “I‘m a mom, I have kids and I look at coming to a game very differently than other people. In this role, making sure that while we watch this team enter their new chapter, we’ve got fans that are excited to come through the doors of Toyota Center and watch it live.”
“First, I’d like to thank Tilman, Patrick, and the entire Fertitta Family for their guidance and support, and of course, their trust to help steward the Rockets brand for the city of the Houston,” said Sheirr. “To have this opportunity, in your hometown, for your childhood team, is a dream come true.” “As soon as I began working with Gretchen, I was immediately impressed by her knowledge, her innovation and her leadership,” said Fertitta. “With Gretchen having been part of the Houston Rockets success for two decades, I couldn’t be more excited to see her get this opportunity. Her work ethic, attention to detail and passion for the Rockets gives me great confidence in her ability to perform at the highest level.”
Storyline: Rockets Front Office