Guns Rumors

Raymond Felton’s felony gun charge didn’t do the league any favors on the topic of guns. The league and its teams spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with the issue because so many players own firearms. Estimates are that upwards of 300 of the 450-odd players own guns. “It’s an image problem for the league,” Silver admitted. For what it’s worth, Dallas owner Mark Cuban has a sound philosophy when it comes to weapons. “If a player says he needs to take their gun when he goes someplace,” he said, “then they don’t need to be going to that place.”
Maverick’s center Chris Kaman was on 104.1 The Ticket Thursday for his radio show. An owner of firearms, Kaman brought up recent proposals to gun legislation. Here are some highlights from the interview. “They’re trying to ban all this stuff and I just don’t understand it all.” “What about people’s rights? At one point we started letting women vote, ok, it changed people’s rights. Now we’re letting gay — we’re letting homosexuals get married. They’re making more rights for more people. So why all of the sudden are we taking away the right for people to own guns?” “Listen, I’m just saying, I’m a big time advocate for gun control, all that. But it’s got to be within reason. You don’t just kill the whole deal.”
Chris Kaman: “I think it’s important. You can’t just sell anything to anybody. There’s got to be some kind of rules. There’s got to be better background checks. I agree with all that. The magazine thing, I’m OK with them changing the magazines down to even five rounds. But to outrightly just ban the whole setup? You know how many people have assault rifles in this world? It’s unbelievable.”