Hall of Fame Rumors

Durant? He got two titles, shining on the stage where he belonged, and an enhanced game. The impact of his three years with the Warriors is so obvious on the court. It’s all together now, the total package of scoring, defense, passing and leadership. Playing with three Hall of Famers unlocked even more in the game of a player who was already an all-time great talent. “One hundred percent,” Green said. “You can even hear him talking out there on the floor and the things that he’s telling them to do. It’s kind of a completely different perspective than before he came here. And I think his time here definitely helped him grow as a basketball player. Obviously, it helped us grow as a team. But you can definitely see and feel the difference. Whereas you would see him before and everything was kind of attack, attack, attack. It’s not that anymore. And so it’s you can definitely see, tell, feel, hear the difference.”