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“This is a great honor to be invited to the Chris Paul HBCU Tip-Off with some of the best HBCUs in the country. It will also be a great opportunity for our young men to tour the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts, right after my teammate and Virginia Union’s very own Ben Wallace goes into the Hall of Fame in September. I would like to thank Chris Paul for continuing to give HBCUs the opportunity to showcase our prestigious schools on the biggest stage,” Virginia Union coach Jay Butler said in a statement.
Kukoc participated in the Zenni Eyecon Q&A with Bally Sports Network’s NBA analyst, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson. On where he was when he heard the news that he was going to be inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame 2021 Class… Kukoc: I was actually in Split, Croatia. I was home. I actually haven’t seen my parents in 2 years so I thought it was time as soon as I could travel to go see them. So the great news found me in Croatia. It was actually Mr. Jerry Reinsdorf who called me and he said like, “Listen. I gotta tell you something and it’s VERY important and you’re going to be inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame in September!” Obviously I was very excited and I told my parents right away and that was actually at night when I went to see my old team play. They were in the middle of the playoffs — Team Jugoplastika just split. They were my first team when I first started, so it all kind of overwhelmed me because walking into the arena and everything you can see pictures of me 17, 18, 19-years old playing for that team and to get that news over there, it was just phenomenal. It was SPECIAL.
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By his final season, 2015-16, Bryant trusted only Buss to help pull off his goodbye tour. Once, he asked her out to lunch and brought Gianna. He said he wanted his daughter to learn from a powerful female sports executive; Buss now believes that was only a ruse, that Bryant just wanted Buss to know how important she was, to him and to the team. When she tells that story, Buss gets choked up. Her shoulders collapse when she is asked about the Hall of Fame ceremony. “It’s almost like having to put him away again,” she said, her voice cracking. “He’s going into the Hall, and it’s like we’re leaving him there. It’s hard. It’s hard to go through this again.” “I guess,” she added, “you just don’t get over it.”
Bob Dandridge was inducted into the NBA Naismith Hall of Fame 2021 class as a part of its Veteran’s Committee, which requires 35 years since retirement to become eligible. “It’s about damn time,” Dandridge said in agreement with NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller in an interview to be aired on Wizards Pregame Live before Game 3 of Washington’s first-round series against the 76ers on Saturday night.
Rick Adelman was at home in Portland last Wednesday when he received the call. It was his daughter Laura’s birthday. Now there would be two reasons to celebrate. On the other end of the line was a representative of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. “You’re in,” the caller told Adelman. “I’m a little surprised,” Adelman told me on Tuesday, three days after his selection to the Hall was announced to the public. “I didn’t expect it. I knew I had been nominated. I didn’t know the criteria for (being selected).”
Adelman’s phone has been busy since the news broke of his impending enshrinement. “I’ve heard from a lot of people I’ve worked with over the years, including a few players,” he said. “It’s been nice to hear from people you hadn’t thought about for a while. Everybody has been so locked up with the coronavirus. “Mary Kay and I have locked ourselves in pretty much the past year. We didn’t get to see our grandkids much. Saw our kids only a little. We kept busy watching David’s games. We’d have been driven crazy without that. We’re looking forward to getting out and living a normal life.”